The Training Program


The Vanguard Training Program is tailored to fit the individual needs of you and your horse, from starting the greenest youngster to preparing you to compete through the levels of eventing. Our training packages offer an affordable, positive, and flexible way to get you and your horse on the right track.


Single Session

1 lesson or ride




3 lessons or rides per week




Up to 5 lessons or rides per week


The Riding School


The Vanguard Riding School is geared towards those who don't have a horse and are looking to begin or further their equestrian education. English saddle lessons with a focus on teaching the basics required to eventually participate in the exciting sport of Three Day Eventing. We have several quality horses and ponies available to suit your needs!

Our riding school admits beginner and intermediate riders from ages 5 and up. During our lessons, we will focus on both mounted skills as well as the basics of proper horsemanship. This includes horse safety, grooming, tacking, and horse care. Each lesson will consist of a 30-minute horsemanship lesson and a 30-minute mounted lesson. We provide all necessary equipment and lovely, well-behaved school horses. All levels are welcome, even if you have never even seen a horse!


Single Lesson

30 minute horsemanship portion

30 minute riding portion




4 prepaid lessons




8 prepaid lessons




“Learning so much and enjoying each dressage lesson with Joe!"

- Patrice Heyer

"Joe taught me how to ride and started my horse in eventing several years ago. He's incredibly committed and passionate about everything he does and will ensure you get to where you want to be. He truly cares about his clients, whether you're an adult amateur or highly competitive. Horses really respect Joe and anyone can benefit from working with him."

- Paulina Montgomery 

"Joe and Dani are doing such a wonderful job starting my 4 year old unbroken Dutch mare who has very little handing, until she arrived at Vanguard 10 weeks ago. She has become extremely friendly, trusting and was an angel when they got on her for the first time last week. I am thrilled with how she is coming along and anticipate a lot more good to come! "

- Heather Pruett

"Joe is a talented rider and has a compassion for horses that I have found in few trainers. He is definitely a gifted trainer with the knowledge a young horse needs. My mare loves him!!"

- Teri Courtemanche